Best High Tea in Lawrence, KS: Top 4!

Welcome to Lawrence, Kansas, a vibrant city nestled in the heart of the United States, where time seems to slow down and tea becomes an artful experience. Here, amidst the charming streets and historic architecture, a delightful tradition awaits: high tea. Offering a delightful blend of elegance and relaxation, high tea in Lawrence invites you to step into a world of refined indulgence. Whether you seek a tranquil afternoon respite, a unique gathering with friends, or an opportunity to savor delectable treats, Lawrence’s high tea scene promises an unforgettable experience. Prepare to be enchanted as you sip fragrant teas, savor delicate pastries, and immerse yourself in the time-honored ritual of this beloved British tradition, thoughtfully reimagined in the heartland of America. Join us on a journey where sophistication meets comfort, and every cup is steeped in charm. Lawrence, Kansas warmly welcomes you to elevate your tea experience to new heights.

1. HiTea


914 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA
(785) 424-7727
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Upon entering HiTea, I was immediately captivated by its inviting and charming ambiance. Nestled in the heart of Lawrence, Kansas, this quaint tea house proved to be a delightful retreat from the bustling city. The attention to detail in the décor, with its elegant Victorian-inspired furnishings and soft, warm lighting, created an atmosphere that exuded sophistication and relaxation.

The tea selection at HiTea was nothing short of impressive. As a tea enthusiast, I appreciated the extensive variety of high-quality loose-leaf teas available. From delicate white teas to robust black teas and everything in between, there was a tea to satisfy every palate. The knowledgeable staff members were more than willing to offer recommendations and guide guests through the selection process, making the experience all the more enjoyable.

Moving on to the food, the High Tea spread at HiTea was a true feast for the senses. The tiered tray presented an array of mouthwatering delicacies, beautifully arranged with precision. Each bite-sized treat was a work of art, boasting a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. From the classic scones served with clotted cream and homemade jam to the delectable finger sandwiches filled with an assortment of savory fillings, every item surpassed my expectations.

The service at HiTea was impeccable. The staff members were attentive, friendly, and well-versed in the art of tea service. They took the time to ensure that each guest’s needs were met, offering personalized attention without being intrusive. The overall experience was enhanced by their genuine passion for tea and commitment to providing a memorable dining experience.

While HiTea is known for its exceptional tea and food, it is important to note the reasonable prices. Considering the quality of the ingredients and the level of service provided, the experience at HiTea is undoubtedly good value for money.

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In conclusion, HiTea is a hidden gem in Lawrence, Kansas, where tea enthusiasts and food lovers alike can indulge in a delightful high tea experience. With its charming ambiance, extensive tea selection, exquisite food offerings, and impeccable service, HiTea has set the bar high for tea houses in the area. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon with friends or a sophisticated setting for a special occasion, HiTea is the perfect destination.

2. House of Cha

House of Cha

21 W 9th St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA
(785) 856-6688
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Nestled in the heart of Lawrence, Kansas, House of Cha is a delightful tea house that promises a memorable high tea experience. Located at 21 W 9th St, this cozy establishment is a haven for tea enthusiasts seeking a tranquil retreat.

House of Cha boasts an impressive collection of loose leaf green and black teas, catering to all discerning palates. The tea menu offers a wide variety of options, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every tea lover’s craving. Whether you prefer a classic Earl Grey, a delicate Jasmine tea, or an invigorating Matcha, House of Cha has you covered.

One of the highlights of House of Cha’s menu is their creamy and fruity flavored bubble tea, which can be enjoyed with boba or other toppings. This unique twist on traditional tea adds a fun and playful element to the experience. The bubble tea is meticulously prepared, striking a perfect balance between the creamy texture and the burst of fruity flavors. It’s an absolute treat for the taste buds.

The staff at House of Cha deserves special mention for their warm and attentive service. They are well-versed in the art of tea and are always ready to guide you through the menu, making recommendations based on your preferences. Their genuine passion for tea is evident in their interactions, and they take pride in ensuring that each guest has a memorable experience.

House of Cha has clearly created a space where tea lovers can indulge in their passion. It’s an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon tea with friends, a peaceful solo escape, or even a cozy date. The prices are reasonable for the quality and variety of teas offered, making it accessible to all tea enthusiasts.

If you’re a tea lover in Lawrence, Kansas, a visit to House of Cha is a must. It’s a haven where you can savor exquisite teas, explore unique flavors, and experience the art of tea in a serene and welcoming environment. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of tea at House of Cha – you won’t be disappointed.

3. Wild Rose Tea Room

Wild Rose Tea Room

1320 N 3rd St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA
(785) 979-8378
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Wild Rose Tea Room is a charming establishment located at 1320 N 3rd St, Lawrence, Kansas, USA. Stepping into this delightful tea room feels like entering a world of elegance and tranquility. The ambiance is reminiscent of a bygone era, with its vintage decor, delicate floral patterns, and soft lighting.

The moment I walked through the door, I was greeted by the friendly staff who guided me to a cozy table adorned with crisp white linens and dainty china. The attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the tea room, from the perfectly arranged fresh flowers to the exquisite tea sets.

The menu at Wild Rose Tea Room offers a wide selection of teas, catering to every taste and preference. Whether you’re a fan of traditional black teas or prefer the aromatic notes of herbal infusions, there is something for everyone. I opted for their signature rose-infused tea, and I was instantly captivated by its delicate flavor and subtle floral aroma. Each sip was a delightful experience, leaving me craving for more.

The food offerings at Wild Rose Tea Room perfectly complemented the tea selection. The tiered tray of finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries was a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The sandwiches were beautifully presented and filled with a variety of delectable fillings, such as cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon, and egg salad. The scones were freshly baked and served with clotted cream and preserves, adding a touch of indulgence to the experience. The pastries, ranging from petit fours to macarons, were like edible works of art, combining intricate designs with heavenly flavors.

What truly sets Wild Rose Tea Room apart is the impeccable service provided by the staff. They were attentive, knowledgeable, and passionate about tea, making sure that every guest’s needs were met. The staff was more than happy to offer recommendations, explain the different teas, and even share interesting anecdotes about tea traditions.

The overall experience at Wild Rose Tea Room was nothing short of enchanting. It’s a place where time slows down, allowing you to unwind and savor the simple pleasures of life. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon tea with friends, a special celebration, or simply a moment of tranquility, this tea room is the perfect destination.

If you find yourself in Lawrence, Kansas, I highly recommend visiting Wild Rose Tea Room. It’s an oasis of elegance and refinement, where tea lovers can indulge in a truly exceptional experience. From the delightful teas to the scrumptious treats and the warm hospitality, this tea room embodies the essence of a perfect high tea experience.

4. Mana Bar: Exotic Beverage Lounge

Mana Bar: Exotic Beverage Lounge

1111 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA
(785) 856-8227
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Nestled in the heart of Lawrence, Kansas, Mana Bar: Exotic Beverage Lounge is a haven for tea enthusiasts seeking a respite from the bustling city. With its inviting ambiance, diverse selection of teas, and warm hospitality, Mana Bar offers an unforgettable high tea experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Located at 1111 Massachusetts St, Mana Bar’s unassuming exterior hides a treasure trove of flavors within. Stepping inside, I was immediately enveloped in a cozy and serene atmosphere, with soft lighting and comfortable seating arrangements that exuded an air of relaxation.

Mana Bar’s commitment to providing the finest teas was evident from the moment I perused their extensive menu. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a novice, there’s a tea to suit every taste and preference. From traditional favorites like Earl Grey and Darjeeling to more exotic blends like Moroccan Mint and Japanese Sencha, the options seemed endless.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Mana Bar were eager to assist me in navigating their tea selection. Their passion for tea shone through as they shared intriguing anecdotes about the origins and brewing techniques of each variety. Their expertise helped me make informed choices, enhancing my appreciation of the tea-drinking experience.

Accompanying my tea was an array of delectable treats carefully arranged on a tiered stand. Each morsel was a work of art, showcasing both aesthetic beauty and exquisite flavors. From delicate finger sandwiches filled with cucumber and smoked salmon to freshly baked scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, every bite was a harmonious symphony of taste and texture.

The highlight of my high tea experience at Mana Bar was the impeccable service. The attentive staff ensured that my teacup was never empty, promptly refilling it with piping hot water and offering suggestions for tea pairings with different delicacies. Their genuine warmth and enthusiasm created a welcoming environment where I felt like a valued guest.

In summary, Mana Bar: Exotic Beverage Lounge in Lawrence, Kansas, is a hidden gem that excels in providing a memorable high tea experience. From the diverse tea selection to the delectable treats and impeccable service, every aspect of my visit surpassed expectations. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or a place to indulge in refined flavors, Mana Bar is a must-visit destination for tea enthusiasts and anyone in search of a delightful escape.