Best High Tea in Plano, TX: Top 6!

Welcome to the charming city of Plano, Texas, where the delightful tradition of High Tea takes on a uniquely Texan flair. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant community, the High Tea experience in Plano is a refined and elegant affair, inviting locals and visitors alike to indulge in a leisurely afternoon of sophistication and culinary delights. From quaint tea rooms to upscale establishments, Plano offers a diverse array of venues that cater to tea enthusiasts seeking a tasteful blend of tradition and modernity. Whether you're savoring delicate finger sandwiches, decadent pastries, or a carefully curated selection of teas, the High Tea scene in Plano promises a delightful journey for those seeking a touch of elegance in this bustling Texan city. Join us as we explore the nuances of High Tea in Plano, where each sip and bite is a celebration of both timeless tradition and local charm.

1. Chocolate Angel Cafe & Tea Room

Chocolate Angel Cafe & Tea Room
800 Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074, USA
(972) 904-9597
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Nestled along the bustling Central Expressway in Plano, Texas, the Chocolate Angel Cafe & Tea Room is a delightful haven for those seeking a refined yet cozy high tea experience. The charming establishment boasts a warm and inviting ambiance that sets the stage for an afternoon steeped in tradition and culinary excellence.

Located at 800 Central Expy, this quaint tea room is a gem for connoisseurs of homemade delights. The menu is a testament to the artistry of their kitchen, showcasing a range of meticulously crafted items that extend beyond the ordinary. From delectable finger sandwiches to intricate desserts, each offering is a symphony of flavors that harmonize to create an unforgettable dining experience.

What truly sets Chocolate Angel apart is its dedication to exclusive teas. The tea selection is a journey in itself, featuring blends that cater to every palate. Whether you're a fan of robust black teas or prefer the subtle nuances of herbal infusions, the menu promises a selection that goes beyond the ordinary.

The desserts, in particular, are a highlight. One-of-a-kind creations grace the pastry display, tempting guests with their artful presentation and decadent flavors. It's evident that each sweet treat is crafted with passion and precision, making the indulgence a worthwhile affair.

In the heart of Texas, Chocolate Angel Cafe & Tea Room invites patrons to partake in a high tea experience that seamlessly weaves together tradition and innovation. The combination of homemade culinary delights, exclusive teas, and unique desserts elevates this establishment to a must-visit destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Savor the moments, savor the flavors—Chocolate Angel is a delightful escape into the world of elevated tea culture.

2. Texas Teahouse & Marketplace

Texas Teahouse & Marketplace
6007 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024, USA
(469) 925-1800
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Nestled in the heart of Plano, Texas Teahouse & Marketplace offers a delightful High Tea experience that seamlessly blends Southern charm with modern sophistication. Situated at 6007 Legacy Dr, this quaint establishment beckons with its inviting ambiance and warm hospitality.

Upon entering, the Texas Teahouse & Marketplace transports you to a world where time slows down, and the art of tea takes center stage. The ambiance is tastefully adorned with a blend of rustic and contemporary elements, creating a cozy setting for a leisurely afternoon.

The High Tea selection at this charming spot is a true testament to their dedication to quality. From the moment the first tier arrives, adorned with an array of delicate finger sandwiches, each bite is a journey through flavor. The scones, a highlight of any High Tea, are baked to perfection—crisp on the outside, yet irresistibly fluffy on the inside. Paired with clotted cream and house-made preserves, they create a symphony of textures and tastes.

The dessert selection is a sweet finale to the experience, featuring an assortment of pastries and confections that showcase the pastry chef's skill and creativity. From miniature tarts to decadent cakes, each treat is a work of art that satisfies both the eyes and the palate.

What sets Texas Teahouse & Marketplace apart is not just the culinary experience but the attentive service that accompanies it. The staff, knowledgeable about the diverse tea offerings, guides you through the selection, ensuring that each cup complements the flavors of the accompanying dishes.

In addition to the delightful tea service, the attached marketplace allows patrons to take a piece of the experience home. Curated teas, artisanal accessories, and unique souvenirs line the shelves, providing an opportunity to extend the enjoyment of Texas Teahouse beyond the visit.

Whether you're seeking a refined afternoon with friends, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in a moment of tranquility, Texas Teahouse & Marketplace stands out as a haven for tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs of exquisite fare. It's a place where tradition meets innovation, creating a High Tea experience that lingers in the memory long after the last sip is taken.

3. Sharetea

3933 North Central Expressway, Plano, TX 75023, USA
(972) 886-8128
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Sharetea, nestled in the heart of Plano, Texas, presents itself as a delightful respite for those seeking a relaxed afternoon indulgence. Tucked away in a shopping center, its unassuming exterior belies the vibrant and inviting atmosphere within. The cozy ambiance blends seamlessly with the casual setting, inviting guests to unwind and enjoy a unique experience.

Upon entering, the aroma of freshly brewed tea embraces you, setting the stage for a delightful adventure in beverage exploration. Sharetea boasts a diverse menu of bubble tea concoctions, each a delightful fusion of flavors and textures. From classic favorites to innovative blends, there's something to suit every palate. The drinks, beautifully presented and bursting with freshness, add a playful touch to the experience.

What sets Sharetea apart is its thoughtful inclusion of board games, adding a social element to the visit. Whether you're a tea connoisseur or simply seeking a laid-back hangout, this cafe offers an inviting space to sip on your beverage of choice while engaging in a friendly game.

The staff, with their warm demeanor and helpful suggestions, enhance the overall experience. Their knowledge of the menu ensures that even first-time visitors can navigate the extensive options with ease.

While the location within a shopping center might not scream opulence, Sharetea's charm lies in its unpretentious nature and dedication to providing a welcoming environment for tea enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. Whether you're dropping by for a quick drink or settling in for a leisurely afternoon, Sharetea promises a delightful escape from the ordinary.

4. Dubs Tea N' Eats

Dubs Tea N' Eats
3131 Custer Rd #178, Plano, TX 75075, USA
(972) 985-2700
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Nestled in the heart of Plano, Texas, Dubs Tea N' Eats offers a delightful High Tea experience that combines classic charm with a modern twist. Located at 3131 Custer Rd #178, this quaint spot is a hidden gem for tea enthusiasts and food connoisseurs alike.

Dubs Tea N' Eats boasts an extensive menu that caters to diverse palates. The High Tea spread is a tantalizing array of finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones, and delectable pastries. The delicate balance of flavors in each bite is a testament to the attention to detail in their culinary offerings.

The sandwich selection is a highlight, featuring a medley of fillings that range from classic cucumber and cream cheese to inventive combinations like smoked salmon with dill cream. The scones, served warm, are a perfect blend of flaky and buttery, paired impeccably with clotted cream and house-made preserves.

What truly sets Dubs Tea N' Eats apart is its extensive tea collection. From traditional blends to exotic herbal infusions, there's a tea to suit every taste. The attentive staff is knowledgeable about the tea varieties and is more than willing to guide patrons through the selection process.

For those seeking a refreshing twist, the menu also includes signature tea-based beverages. The Dubs Special, a unique concoction of black tea infused with tropical fruit flavors, is a must-try. The presentation of each beverage is as delightful as the taste itself, adding an extra layer of elegance to the High Tea experience.

Dubs Tea N' Eats succeeds in creating an inviting ambiance, combining warm hospitality with a touch of sophistication. Whether you're catching up with friends or celebrating a special occasion, the High Tea at Dubs Tea N' Eats promises a memorable and flavorful escape.

5. Tea Town

Tea Town
2731 W 15th St, Plano, TX 75075, USA
(469) 814-0061
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Nestled in the heart of Plano, Texas, Tea Town is a charming haven for aficionados of both tea and Filipino cuisine. Located at 2731 W 15th St, this family-owned gem exudes warmth and authenticity, bringing a slice of Filipino culture to the local community.

Upon entering Tea Town, the inviting aroma of brewed tea and sweet treats greets you, setting the stage for a delightful high tea experience. The ambiance is cozy, with a touch of Filipino charm in the decor, creating a comfortable and welcoming space.

The high tea offerings at Tea Town are a true celebration of Filipino flavors. From the savory to the sweet, each bite tells a story of tradition and culinary craftsmanship. The finger sandwiches, filled with unique Filipino ingredients, are a delightful departure from the ordinary. The pandesal with kesong puti and ube jam is a standout, showcasing the restaurant's commitment to authentic flavors.

The tea selection is as diverse as it is delightful, with options that complement the rich tapestry of Filipino cuisine. Whether you prefer a classic black tea or an exotic herbal infusion, Tea Town's knowledgeable staff will guide you to the perfect pairing for your palate.

What truly sets Tea Town apart is its commitment to creating a communal experience. The staff's genuine hospitality and eagerness to share their Filipino heritage add a personal touch to the high tea affair. It's not just a meal; it's a cultural journey.

In the heart of Plano, Tea Town stands as a testament to the beauty of preserving and sharing cultural traditions through the universal language of food and tea. For those seeking a unique high tea experience that transcends the ordinary, Tea Town is a must-visit destination that promises an unforgettable blend of flavors and culture.

6. HTeaO - Plano

HTeaO - Plano
4609 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093, USA
(469) 331-0355
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I recently had the pleasure of experiencing high tea at HTeaO in Plano, and it was a delightful culinary journey. Nestled at 4609 W Park Blvd, this charming establishment exudes a cozy ambiance that perfectly complements the elegant tradition of high tea.

From the moment I stepped inside, the attentive and friendly staff made me feel welcomed. The decor is a tasteful blend of classic and modern, creating a serene atmosphere that encourages relaxation and indulgence. The attention to detail in the table settings and presentation added a touch of sophistication to the overall experience.

The tea selection at HTeaO is impressive, featuring a diverse range of flavors that cater to various preferences. Whether you're a fan of robust black teas or prefer the subtle notes of herbal infusions, there's something for everyone. The teas were served with precision, and the staff's knowledge of each blend added an educational element to the meal.

The tiered tray of delectable treats was a feast for the eyes and the palate. The sandwiches were fresh and flavorful, with a variety of fillings that showcased quality ingredients. The scones were a highlight, perfectly baked and accompanied by clotted cream and preserves. The selection of pastries was a sweet finale, featuring intricate desserts that satisfied my sweet tooth without being overly indulgent.

What stood out at HTeaO was not only the exceptional food and tea but also the impeccable service. The staff's genuine enthusiasm for the tradition of high tea enhanced the overall experience. They were attentive without being intrusive, creating an atmosphere conducive to conversation and relaxation.

In conclusion, HTeaO in Plano offers a high tea experience that blends tradition with modern flair. It's an ideal destination for those seeking a refined yet approachable afternoon tea outing. The attention to detail, quality of food and tea, and warm hospitality make it a memorable spot for indulging in this timeless ritual.

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