Best High Tea in Clearwater, FL: Top 2!

Nestled in the vibrant city of Clearwater, Florida, the tradition of indulging in high tea takes on a delightful twist. This charming experience invites guests to savor an array of delectable treats and carefully brewed teas, set against the backdrop of Clearwater's serene atmosphere. From dainty finger sandwiches to exquisite pastries, the high tea affair in Clearwater offers a sophisticated rendezvous for those seeking a refined yet relaxed afternoon. Whether it's within the elegant ambiance of a historic hotel or a cozy, chic tearoom, this cultural tradition brings together flavors and conversations in a setting that celebrates the art of tea.

1. Joseph's Tea Room

Joseph's Tea Room
25028 US-19, Clearwater, FL 33763, USA
(352) 679-1339
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I recently had the pleasure of experiencing High Tea at Joseph's Tea Room located at 25028 US-19, Clearwater, FL 33763. This charming tea room and shop provide a delightful escape into the world of high-quality teas and exquisite tea experiences.

The ambiance at Joseph's Tea Room is nothing short of enchanting. The cozy setting is perfect for a variety of occasions, from Afternoon Tea to special events like birthdays, bridal and baby showers. The attention to detail in the decor and the warm, inviting atmosphere make it an ideal spot for tea enthusiasts and those looking to celebrate life's special moments.

The tea selection at Joseph's is impressive, featuring a range of high-quality blends that cater to various preferences. The Afternoon Tea Experience and High Tea offerings are a true delight, showcasing a thoughtfully curated menu that includes both traditional and innovative choices. The Vegan and Gluten-Free menu options ensure that there's something for everyone, accommodating different dietary preferences without compromising on flavor.

What sets Joseph's Tea Room apart is not just the exceptional tea offerings but also the personalized service. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable, adding to the overall experience of indulging in a leisurely tea session. The option to host private events and tea parties further adds to the versatility of Joseph's as a go-to destination for memorable gatherings.

For those interested in booking an event, the process is made simple with contact options available via email at [email protected] or by calling (352) 679-1339. Joseph's Tea Room is truly a gem in Clearwater, offering a refined and enjoyable tea experience that goes beyond just sipping tea – it's about creating lasting memories in a charming and welcoming setting.

2. The Garden Of Tea

The Garden Of Tea
1616 Gulf to Bay Blvd suite e, Clearwater, FL 33755, USA
(727) 565-9415
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Nestled along Gulf to Bay Boulevard in Clearwater, The Garden Of Tea offers a charming escape into the world of high tea. The quaint establishment, located at 1616 Gulf to Bay Blvd suite e, exudes an inviting ambiance with its tastefully decorated interior and a hint of floral fragrances that set the tone for a delightful experience.

As I stepped inside, I was greeted by a warm and friendly staff, eager to guide me through their extensive tea menu. The variety was impressive, ranging from traditional blends to unique and exotic choices. I opted for a classic English Breakfast tea to start, followed by a fragrant jasmine green tea later on.

The tiered tray of delectable treats arrived promptly, showcasing an array of savory and sweet bites. The sandwiches were a highlight, with fresh cucumber and cream cheese, delicate smoked salmon, and flavorful egg salad. Each bite-sized delight was a testament to the chef's attention to detail and commitment to quality ingredients.

Moving on to the sweets, the scones were a perfect balance of crumbly texture and rich flavor, accompanied by clotted cream and strawberry jam. The pastries were equally impressive, featuring a selection of macarons, petits fours, and miniature tarts that satisfied the sweet tooth without overwhelming the palate.

The atmosphere at The Garden Of Tea was enhanced by the soothing background music and the soft hum of conversation, creating a tranquil setting for a leisurely afternoon. The attentive service added to the overall experience, with staff members discreetly ensuring that teacups remained full and that every guest felt well-cared-for.

In conclusion, The Garden Of Tea provides a charming retreat for those seeking a refined and relaxing high tea experience. The attention to detail, delightful tea selections, and scrumptious treats make it a hidden gem in Clearwater, inviting patrons to savor the elegance of a traditional afternoon tea in a welcoming setting.